Mortgage brokers
AND financial planners?

What does this mean for you?

iLink Wealth has access to over 300 mortgage products from over 40 different lenders.

This means we can help you find a mortgage that best fits your requirements, in terms of debt structure, repayments and cost.

Everyone is different, and that is what we cater for. The more choice you have the more likely you are to secure a loan, and the more likely you are to secure a loan that is best structured for your unique financial situation.

We cater for families, people on modest incomes, investors, self employed, individuals, double income no kids households as well as high income families.

Our clients include a range of people from truck drivers, entrepreneurs, working parents and couples both young and old.

Like all mortgage brokers, we can help you find a lender and a loan that best matches your current financial situation and purchase requirements.

Using iLink Wealth as a mortgage broker can save you time finding the best deal in the marketplace in terms of loan fees, charges, and interest rates.

The costs of basic mortgage brokering services are usually covered by the institution supplying your loan.


How do you benefit?

As financial planners, we develop financial strategies that can change your future.

As we said above, everyone’s story is different, and we cater for that.

Sometimes when people are looking for a mortgage what they really want is something more.

People often say to us “At the end of the day, we just want to be better off – financially.”

And that can mean many, many things.

So to help you our services can extend beyond the mortgage.

This can include:

  • a savings & investment strategy to help you accelerate towards your property purchases
  • investment options that consider your tax liabilities
  • putting into place the correct insurance policies to cover your debt should you find yourself in a position where you are injured or ill
  • a service that adds to your knowledge about investing that provides you with alternative pathways for you to reach your goals
  • tidying up your super
  • starting an investment portfolio
  • reviewing an existing investment portfolio
  • preparing for your children’s future

The costs of financial planning services, if you wish to pursue them will incur additional fees.


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